Another Kick at the Cat…?

Mike The Diary

The following is a Facebook post I made today:

“Another kick at the cat.. I’ve been over three months without a drop of Pepsi, a week eating healthier at work and feeling the difference already. Gonna jump back on the DDP YOGA with Gerry and keep ourselves motivated. I only bought the program in 2012.. I even met DDP and his amazing wife Brenda, etc… BUT I can’t focus on the “Coulda/Woulda”… I’ll be 34 this month and i’m 515 pounds.. I can barely put on my own socks… I gotta take control of this.. NOW… Stay tuned… (Oh.. BANG!)”

So, Yea.. 515 pounds.. Maybe more, maybe less.. it’s been a while since I was weighed… I’ve been making some small changes to my eating habits, and I’m already feeling the difference… So today when my best bud, Gerry messaged me to ask about doing DDP Yoga again, I said, here’s the sign… Just go for it…  So, tonight I dust off the DVD’s and get going.

Oh boy.