Almost two months…

Mike The Diary

Almost two months since my last blog post, and a lot has been happening.

I am proud to say I still have not had any soda of any kind since I began… This is quite possibly the longest I’ve gone without it in 10 years. (I’m getting old & forget things easily, haha). I’ve replaced the soda (MOSTLY) with water, but I do still enjoy milk, juice and tea.

I feel like I’ve been sleeping more, but when I’m awake I feel more refreshed and am not tired throughout the day.  This could be due to my swanky new CPAP machine.  I’ve been using CPAP for almost a year, but recently got my own machine (previously rented) – I can even see my stats on my iPhone.

I was asked to co-host a live broadcast on our local community television channel, ROGERStv. The 199th Royal St. John’s Regatta is a big deal locally, and I was very honoured to be asked to host, I was nervous but I feel like I did a decent job.  I received some positive feedback, which feels great.. But when I look at the footage, I can’t help but hear that voice say “look how big you are, you shouldn’t do this to yourself”.. It’s an old coping mechanism, it’s going to take a long time to break it…

I’m feeling good these days. Some new adventures on the horizon.. Stay tuned.

Until next time,